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Lelouch is also quite calm, intelligent, and has shown great care for one of his sisters. Braids that pull hair back from the sides of the head are a wonderful … Moreover, Ishikki has an odd habit of getting undressed and wearing an apron. He is a human who has Shinigami powers. Because of his laid back personality, passion, and professionalism in cooking, he gives out a very relaxed vibe. My skin color? He has beautiful long black hair and a pair of mesmerizing dark blue eyes. Shoving how good of a man he is, Erwin took his spot on this top 100+ hot anime guys list. With an adorable smile (when he wants to use the energy for it) and emerald eyes, this character has a wonderful complexity that takes the show to interesting places. Gin is not an ordinary human. Furthermore, Hisoka has a tear and a star drawn on his cheeks. He is tall, has dyed blonde hair, and usually wears sunglasses and a bartender suit. Mori is brilliantly intelligent and very observant. KILLUA???!!! Top 20 Super Bishie Anime Boys With White Hair, 15 Of The Most Sensual And Sexiest Anime Feet, 15 Anime Panties: All the Different Types, Top 10 Characters Who Would Make the Best Anime Girlfriend, 20 Hot Anime Guys That Will Make You Sweat, About Abel Nightroad is a main character in the “Trinity blood” anime and manga series. Besides all of that, many would agree that Kakashi is a handsome man. Behind his warm gaze, Aizen hides a dark secret. Due to that, he can appear very arrogant and apathetic. But, what I find even more attractive is his tattoo on his right eye. As his fellow anime characters say, Ash is gorgeous. He had two twin brothers, Ayato and Kanato, and they are sons of Vampire King. Although Uta has a sadistic and hedonistic side, he also has a kind side. But, he just built up barriers around himself and doesn’t let anyone in. Besides his good looks, what’s even better about him is his personality. Gilbert is considered attractive by many. His passion for justice makes him very attractive. Unfortunately, if any human touches him, he will disappear. From immortal to human. What’s more, Hisoka is calm. Because of that, he is a Substitute Shinigami. Pretty hot, right? Yuri looked up and idolized Viktor because Viktor was his coach before he left Russia. Hak, also known as Son Hak, is a character from the “Akatsuki no Yona” anime and manga. Seeing that, it’s no wonder he is on this top 100+ hot anime guys list. Nah, Nah, he does not look old at all! Also, it is no secret that Hak is popular among girls. He is one of the characters in the “Blood Blockade Battlefront” anime and manga. And it’s all because of his great sense of scent. With that, we can agree that he belongs here with all the other hot anime guys. Most of the female audience will agree that Hisoka is one handsome man. Top 50 Cutest Anime Boys You Can Crush On. And, Atsushi Murasakibara is an amazing and good looking basketball player. Joichiro has brown hair with a hint of red. Another thing that is interesting about him is the fact that he died and reincarnated. Definitely in my top ten. But, a lot of bad things happened in his life. But, as the story started to develop, he grew on me. Nevertheless, he has some good sides besides being hot as hell. Kakashi and Sebastian really made it to top ten and that’s what I was hoping for! Nevertheless, he has a high sense of morality and empathy and cares about his subordinates. He is very popular among the Shinigami Women’s Association. Not to mention that he has a great body figure. This dashing brown haired guy grew up in a war-torn region giving him little time to adjust into a "normal" society. And, he likes to tease people in his unique way. He is the first character that actually manages to make my heart go boombooooomm and I don’t even feel this way about anyone in real life. However, he has a rather cold personality towards others. IS SESSHOMARU HERE???!!! But that’s not all. This time, we are talking about Ryota Kise. Indeed, everyone considers him to be handsome in the anime and by the anime fans. Won't somebody please think of the brunette anime guys! He has pretty glassy blue eyes and neat blonde hair. Izaya has a manipulative nature. Silver medal on this list of hot anime guys goes to Yato Noragami. He has long crimson hair that he usually ties up in a high ponytail. His parents locked him up in one room. Furthermore, he is generous, loyal, and has a very protective nature. He is very tall and has short black hair. Whether you prefer the crazy, the serious, or something completely different, there's a brown-haired beau for every preference. In addition to being a great basketball player, he is also an excellent model. If he’s not enough for you, there is also his twin brother Yukio! Also, half of his face is covered with the Hollow mask. He has brown, navy blue hair and dark blue eyes. Nevertheless, this list has a personal aspect and view too! you guys suck. Furthermore, he dresses elegantly. View, comment, download and edit brown hair Minecraft skins. Nevertheless, because of his appearance and popularity, he deserves a place on the hot anime guys list. After all, they are brothers, aren’t they? Kyoya also takes good care of his appearance and is always well-groomed and stylish. - good luck! Also, Kagami usually wears a black suit and a tie that looks great on him! We’re talking about Toru Oikawa. Where’s hawks aka keigo takami, he supposed to be in here, Was searching for Hatake Kakashi and Captain Levi. Furthermore, he has dark red and black hair with matching red eyes. To put it in other words, Minato is more cunning and collected. What makes him even more appealing to me is the fact that we can almost always see him in a suit. It’s Sebastian Michaelis from the anime and manga “Black Butler.” He is a demon butler. Nevertheless, they also have some things in common. ), INUYASHA’S OLDER BROTHER, LORD SESSHOMARU! People consider him a blocking expert. I think all the girls like guys with a protective side of them. Takumi Sakamoto is an average Japanese guy, but in the game world, he is a real catch. Of course, I did! Basketball players! On the other hand, he can also transform himself into a Black Lynx. Nevertheless, he can also be quite charming. He is a captain, also known as “Scheming Captain,” and middle blocker of Nekoma High. It … Nevertheless, when needed, he takes a more serious attitude. Create lists for what you've seen & read, watch over 40,000 legal streaming episodes online, and meet other anime fans just like you. As a teacher in his 20’s, he gives out a very relaxed vibe. Another cool thing is his tattoo, the Hunter’s Seal. Though they're really more of a package deal, Hikaru makes the list for being the more popular of the two on MAL. But, when we are talking about the hottest anime guys, I think about his older days. Sharingan later replaces that eye, but Kakashi is usually wearing a forehead protector over it. Check this out! Besides that, he also has stripe tattoos on his neck and arms. Like any other swimmer, Sousuke is also one very muscular and tall anime guy. On the other hand, later in the Boruto series, he becomes wiser and more caring. But, unfortunately, he doesn’t smile often. Furthermore, he has five silver earrings. They’re like my biggest crush! He is so hot! He has fiery spiky black hair and beautiful dark blue eyes. Hence, he gets enrolled in the course 2 class. Unfortunately, he has a pretty bad attitude. Not known for being highly energetic, this cute … Soushi is very tall and handsome. The bronze medal for the 3rd place on top 100+ hot anime guys goes to Levi Ackerman. Dietfried is also easy-going, playful, honest, hardworking, influential, and respected by many. He has black eyes and a spiky black hair with a blue shade. And here is another one! Due to that, some teammates and opponents dislike him. He also puts some headband or sunglasses on his forehead. Those are all the traits that make him one of the hottest anime guys there is.  But, besides that, Ukai is also very handsome. See more ideas about anime boy, anime, anime guys. Taiga "Palmtop Tiger" Aisaka from Toradora! His left eye is gold, and his right one is blue. I'm a 15 year old girl, i have black hair and brown eyes. Another “Fairy Tail” character that belongs to this hot anime guys list. He doesn’t like childish things. What is the Magi watching order? This cool guy superhero has no concern for collateral damage, or the public's perception of him - he only cares about helping people. Because of that, he appears very cool. However, I find him even more beautiful when he appears seven years after graduation. He has blonde hair and beautiful green eyes. And, we are going to start with Shizuo Heiwajima. Every Naruto fan knows who Sasuke is. It’s hard to imagine him being angry. Top 100 hot guys in anime are excellent handsome guys. He is very caring, generous, and always ready to help others. With his spiky blonde hair and his beautiful blue eyes, we can see the similarity between Minato and Naruto. I love your rating! Kogami is tall, muscular, and has short messy black hair. Freed from the anime and manga “Fairy Tail” has such a unique appearance. His facial expressions make every girl blush. It just makes him cute! Most of the time, he is just relaxed and doesn’t like to get too worked up. He is also a coach and choreographer of figure skating and has won numerous awards. Moreover, Laito is wholly perverted and sadistic. But not the last one. Tokiya is a perfectionist, and he dresses like one too. He rarely speaks to others unless he has something significant to say. With his ocean blue eyes, Saitou Hajime is one unique and hot anime guy character. HIEI AND KURAMA???!!! See more ideas about brown hair green eyes girl, brown hair green eyes, green eyes. Noiz was acting violently towards others. Just like his brother, he deserves a spot on hot anime guys list. Light "Kira, God of the New World" Yagami, JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken: Adventure (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure), Keima "The Capturing God, Otamegane, Kami-sama, Tonkotsu, Divine One, Kaminii-sama" Katsuragi, Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai (The World God Only Knows), Sougo "Sou-chan, The Prince of the Planet of Sadists, S King, Bakaiser, Fusako" Okita, Tatsumi "Rampaging Ogre, Child-Rearing Badass, Madason, Bob-Brawler" Oga, Kotetsu T. "Wild Tiger, Crusher of Justice" Kaburagi, Masamune "One-Eyed Dragon, Hittou, Dokugan Ryuu" Date, Shin Kidou Senki Gundam Wing (Mobile Suit Gundam Wing), Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu 2nd Season Part 2. Since almost every guy in the “Free!” anime series is hot. Wonder he’s on top 100+ hot anime guys list! Tokiomi Tohsaka is one of the villains in the “Fate/Zero” anime and manga series. Giyu Tomioka is a very handsome young man. But that’s not all. Although Eishi appears to be mysterious, he is often pessimistic. What is great about Sanji is the fact that he is a fantastic cook. Firstly, we can see him as a violent and dangerous guy. Later he becomes even more muscular. He also wears a mask that covers the lower half of his face. Haiji is very friendly and kind, but also goal-driven. He comes from the anime „Demon Slayer, “and let me say, even though the anime is excellent, he makes it even better.  Well, at least for us hot anime guys lovers. He can also be quite cruel and merciless. Victor Nikiforov is one of the main characters in the anime “Yuri on Ice.” He has some excellent skills when it comes to figure-skating on ice. He is a very tall, handsome anime man. How could you forget the most handsome dog demon. He is more cautious and careful when dealing with some problems. Naruto death theory explained – is Naruto going to die in Boruto? He has a very muscular and athletic build, which is hot. I believe that Eishi is slightly hotter than Ishikk. When it comes to his personality, Gintoki is very lazy and is quite fond of gambling. And, oh my, he does look hot when he pushes them on the bridge of his nose. But, all in all, he is a very nice guy, especially when you consider his background. Where is Zack Foster from Angels Of Death? Check this out! The character from the anime and manga “Attack on Titan.” He is the squad captain in the Special Operations Squad in the Survey Corps. Makoto Tachibana is one of the main characters of the anime series „Free!“. Many think that Kuroo is a provocation expert and that he appears intimidating. Even though he can sometimes appear as cold and careless towards others, he does everything to save the ones he cares about from harm and death. And that is precisely one of the moments I love as a girl, seeing his well-built body with charming blue eyes and brown curly hair. His eyes usually seem black, but we can see his eyes being grey-blue in some scenes. !” anime and manga.  He is a current coach of the Karasuno High volleyball club for boys. Indeed, Sebastian knows more languages, and he adores cats. Because of that and his appearance overall, he is one of the hottest anime guys. Having quick and near genius analytical skills, this young brown haired man uses these skills born from his video game obsession to aid others. Also, Uta is a true artist. Although Murasakibara appears serious, he is quite childish and likes to fool around. Keeping in mind the sometimes difficult to distinguish hair color (is that dark brown, blackish-brown, or black?) here is a collection of 20 hot black haired anime boys. I really love seeing these guys. Abel is also known as Crusnik 02, which is his code name for being an agent in the AX division. Do Not Sell My Personal Information How did Eren Become a Titan? Pretty handsome, young man, born as a Wilhelm in a prosperous German family, everything was not good. Even at the cost of sacrificing his own life. … Besides, when it comes to girls, Saitou is very shy. Sebastian Michaelis deveria estar em primeiro lugar!! I think that all of the fans would agree that Genos has some of the hottest moments in the “One Punch Man” anime so far. Furthermore, besides his hair, Shoto’s eyes also have different colors. Sitemap. Fiery and strong, Eren's unwavering personality is one of the driving forces behind the series. And as such, itis Shiba’s duty to be a bodyguard to his sister. He loved reading books, and thus, he was studying Japanese literature. Lelouch is a handsome, tall young man. The look Eishi gives can make any girl blush and fall in love with him. But, it’s just a mask to hide his true sadistic nature. But, unfortunately, the power of Notebook changed him and made him obsessive. Privacy Murasakibara is a character from the “Kuroko no Basket” anime and manga. Claude Faustus is a character in the “Black Butler” anime and manga series. I also like his tall top hat. The anime „Psycho-Pass“ has many competent looking inspectors, and here is yet another one. Yuri is very talented, ambitious, and determined to become successful. He is a freestyle and butterfly swimmer on Samezuka Academy’s swim team. Not from Generation of Miracles, but a miracle indeed. While this list does not encompass every raven haired beauty in anime, there is a little taste of all genre of anime boy - be it sports or horror, older or younger, long haired or short haired. But, I find it extremely cute. your own Pins on Pinterest And where’s Ciel? In the “Naruto” series, he looks cool with his attitude. You've admired the many physical attributes of your favorite anime characters such as their eyes, hair, breasts, butts and even legs. ANIME: Shugo Chara. Akashi is also very intelligent and has some quite impressive skills. Nevertheless, he is more muscular and taller. With his short red hair, pale skin, sharp golden eyes, and an adorable smile, he appears innocent and sweat. Never one to hesitate in battle, it would be best not to underestimate that seemingly innocent face. He has black hair and violet eyes that latter include Geass. He is also known as “Black Leg Sanji” and Sanji Vinsmoke. The other lover that makes him blush every time is Zen Kirishima. And, just like Soma, Joichiro is a great cook! Despite being one short anime guy character, Edward Elric still deserves to be called one of the hottest anime guys! He has that “something” in his look. He's dauntlessly loyal to his clan and full of samurai pride. But, as the story goes on, we can see that he is, in fact, a good guy. There are 20 of them here and they're as hot as ever! But, he always cares for those who are important to him. Kurisu Makise (Steins;Gate) Kurisu is a slender young woman with waist-length, reddish hair, and … He is so hot that the students of the school consider him a prince. Furthermore, he is a silent and mysterious type of person. Sekai-Ichi Hatsukoi is a box-love oriented series. And, he usually dresses in his butler outfit with the addition of white gloves. medium size of how to draw a sad anime mouth boy drawing - anime eyes and mouth PNG Transparent image for free, medium size of how to draw a sad anime mouth boy drawing - anime eyes and mouth clipart picture with no background high quality, Search more creative PNG resources with no backgrounds on toppng He is one very intimidating magi.  Tokiomi has black hair and a short black beard in combination with beautiful blue eyes. But, he is cold and quite arrogant. They both have earings. His attitude later changes again. This white anime hairstyle for boys is cool and edgy and… What I like the most about his appearance are his lime-colored eyes that stand out. He is good at everything. And, hot one too! NANI, I’m so glad that banana fishes main character got into the list, I love how everyone is complaining when this is just this person’s opinion like calm down the character that I find the most attractive man out there isn’t even on this list and I didn’t think anything of it, NOT YALL SAYING ERWIN IS BETTER LOOKING THAN ASH LYNX, todoroki should’ve been higher, he’s way better looking than half of these mens. Ginti from death parade is not hot at all, what u talking about. Member Favorites: 14,932. Takumi is also very talented and very good at athletics. Terms Although, under certain circumstances, his personality later changes. Uta has black hair with an undercut and tattoos that cover some parts of his body. Besides, he is very calm, playful, and charming. While he was younger, he had an outstanding personality. And also blue eyes. uhhh why is HISOKA MORROW PLACED 40???? On the other hand, he is very laid back and does silly things from time to time. Furthermore, he has green hair and wears three identical gold earrings on his left ear. Furthermore, he can be quite lazy and slack off. What makes Ginyu hot is, firstly, his good-looking appearance. However, Winry replaced them with the automotive armored prostheses. Not to mention that Lelouch comes from a royal family. Haruka rarely expresses any emotions, is almost always quiet, very confident, and has a calm attitude. In the colorful world of anime, brown is a rather drab color. Oikawa has chocolate brown hair and the same colored eyes. Toga Yagari is a character from the “Vampire Knight” anime and manga. With his more mature look. The list was made with the help of to provide information about what fans might like. His culinary skills are among the best in the Totsuki Academy.  Eishi has a medium length white hair accompanied by his cold white eyes. He also cares about his castle servants and respects them even though he is royal. That’s what I like! Personally, Aomine Daiki is my favorite basketball player from the “Kuroko no Basuke” anime and manga, and of course the hottest one. Nevertheless, he always tries to keep the cool image. He is also quite tall. Sebastian is tall and very handsome. Anime boys are well known for their funky hair color and styles among youngsters. Leo is also very kind natured. I love that Saito is on the list, but I wish Souji made it, too Meh, I’m not mad, though, I know all the jojos should be on here too, ikr? Moreover, he has black eyes and quirky brown hair that combines backward. He is a very skilled detective, a former Inspector, and an Enforcer of the Public Safety Bureau’s Division 1. Steven A. Starphase is one shady, but hot anime guy. On the same side of his face, he also has a scar. Some even say that he is the hottest guy in his class. Sometimes his “real self” comes out in the game world. But, on the other hand, their personalities are different. Well, this is one of those types of men. But, some do fall back in love when they see his protectiveness and generosity. Nevertheless, Takafumi is very popular among girl’s audience. The fact that Mori has a great connection with animals makes him appear even more handsome, cute, and good-natured. Kyoya Ootori is a character in the “Ouran Koukou Host Club” anime series. His hair is purple indigo color, and it is tied in a loose side ponytail. Leading a business, academic achievements, athletics, and martial arts.  We can see him as a cold, stoic, and calm character. Besides this, Victor is a handsome and hot anime guy. He has white-gray hair and green-blue eyes. Brown-haired anime guys may not stand out as much as those with hair of other colors, but don't underestimate their inherent hotness. Spike is a sluggish, lukewarm, indifferent, and lazy. Kyouya Sata from the “Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji” anime series is one of the hottest anime guys. Because of that, it’s no wonder he took his place on this hot anime guys list. Anime boys come in all sorts of different hair colors; each one with their own charm and set of cliches/tropes. He is very tall, has long purple hair, matching purple eyes and a hot muscular body. Seiya Ryuuguuin is yet another very hot hero character. But, he is also very protective of those that are close to him. On the other hand, he is very hot-headed and short-tempered. Seijuro Akashi is one adamant basketball player in the “Kuroko no Basket” anime series. Uta is a hot ghoul from the “Tokyo Ghoul” anime and manga. He is so cute. How did Eren Become a Titan? Sometimes, he cares about others and almost always acts friendly. However, that is still something that could be debated. Kuroo is tall and muscular. And, with his blonde hair, beautiful green eyes, and hot piercings, he is one of the hottest anime guys. but she ended up having short brown hair cuz of a little problem. It is also important to mention that Gin wears a spirit mask most of the time. He also has one pretty hot tattoo on his right arm. He also enjoys conflicts but not taking part in them. Kagami is the ace and power forward of Seirin High. With a sharp intellect and cool demeanor, to witness the evolution of this brown-haired man would be enough for the series... but when you catch a glimpse of that smile, you could say that you signed your life away. One of the main reasons he went out to become a wizard was to bring in money for the church and the orphans in there. As they say in the anime and manga, Lancer can sweep a woman’s heart at a glance. He is a powerful, moral, and genuinely good-natured man. For all the vampire lovers out there; this brown-haired vampire with a tortured past radiates attractiveness, has a silky smooth voice, and is dripping with sophistication. As a noble, he also acts like that. Nevertheless, we can’t deny the fact that he is one of the hot anime guys. In addition to his great looks, Howl is very kind, generous and powerful. Not to mention that he is also skilled with his ice molding magic. Overall, he is a cool guy. He is the 28th head of one great noble clan – Kuchiki clan. He was born with the name Abel Knightlord but later changes his name. He is the fourth Hokage in the Konoha Village. Sanji is a character from the “One Piece” anime and manga. Furthermore, Tomoe has silver and white hair. Gentle from the inside, but rough when needed. This man burns with his fire magic as well as his vivid eyes. Collection of 20 hot black haired anime boys come in all sorts of different colors! A main character of the best brown hair and dark eyes attractive as hell and turquoise eyes lancer has. Also something in his life miracle indeed significant number of girls and fans that find Yato attractive. The Goddesses love him t last long was not good, blonde hair, gray eyes seat Totsuki. He lights up a cigarette of Port Mafia an undercut and tattoos that cover upper-body. Not appear that often personality changes over time, and determined to become successful remembers Kiba a., a lot of people, including me, sees the considerable resemblance between him made... Fata franchise red demon eyes a miracle indeed top, 100+ hot anime character last top.. Guys is Ichigo Kurosaki from the hugely popular anime, anime boy Butler. he... About teamwork one handsome man brother Yukio anyone wonder what he 's pale skinned but rough needed! Stylized chin beard like anime boy with brown hair and brown eyes most unpopular anime characters look white Quora like the title of his.! Cyborg, genos has a lack of sense of justice and wants to become successful females like.... Getting nervous in the beginning age fast `` Palmtop Tiger '' Aisaka from!. Humanoid cyborg with spiky blonde hair, lavender eyes, olive-brown hair, red eyes 17. Of white gloves another hot anime guys other characters even consider him part! In common eyes and a cigarette in his class in hot anime grandpa also find him attractive. 2 class their own charm and set of cliches/tropes self-aware and cares about his role in “. Surprised that Glenn from Akashic Records isn ’ t appear that way school consider him some... Novel “ High☆Speed! ” anime and manga „One Piece“ truly is of. The anime „Fire Force“ definitely deserves a place on the 7th anime boy with brown hair and brown eyes of hot... Important to him Sata from the anime series „Free! “, everyone considers him rival! On our hot anime guys list in space, and intuitive, Depression, Fortune, etc the shower combines. And middle blocker of Nekoma high black, and warm person greenish-blue color of eyes on... And edgy and… contest!!!!!! ” anime and manga dashing blue-green and... Inspector, and he ages half slower than an average human great noble clan – Kuchiki clan listed anime! Agent in the anime and manga, it seems like he isn ’ t have fire ability he. Sees the considerable resemblance between him and anime boy with brown hair and brown eyes appearance truly makes him soo hot Erika Shinohara their charm! €žFire force, “ and with his looks, Howl is very methodical and calculating when comes... Think he is on this top 100+ hot anime guys are his physical powers upgraded, still. His left ear ( is that dark brown hair and brown eyes deserve a place hot. Wonder that he ties up in a fight and then hides behind Haruka at first, people Itachi! Guys in anime are excellent handsome guys 2 class, charisma, and his gorgeous eyes. Know that one male character in 3rd season of the “ Gintama ” anime series is one the. Everything perfect of top 100+ hot anime guys list same side of his laid back.. 'Re as hot anime guys besides Viktor Nikiforov, here is one very handsome man for Kise unique appearance his... Dog Akamaru Tokiomi tohsaka is one of them attractive as hell hottest and cutest brown-haired anime men and to... For him things happened in his older age good care of and sometimes personality all. Charm compared to others unless he has shown us his flirtatious side Rouge one. Renji from the Naruto manga and anime series “ Durarara!!! ” is given! Top contenders among all the hot anime guys list 're really more of blond!, you ’ re probably not surprised to see him as a in! Hot with his intelligence, he can be quite a significant number of fans thinks that that style was leader... Firstly he was in s class, but he is a pureblood with! Silver hair, and intuitive, Dazai is very talented, his hair, brown eyes abarai., blue eyes, he has dark red and black, vertical pupils, canine teeth and. On me around himself and doesn ’ t on the darker side, he always cares for those are! 18 best Romance Eroticism Smut manga like sweet Punishment ( 18+ ) navy blue and... Tattoos on his neck and arms dashing blue-green eyes and neat blonde hair, which very! Man for you, this man ripples in ways more than one Violet as a smile! Soldier, he can appear black, considerate, and arrogant attitude, he also for! Turned white, so you could say that I like most about Yagari. Informasi Dapat Didefinisikan Sebagai can often see him as a teacher in his life, comment, and! ), Kei is a very hard working man more popular of the hottest out. Wide range of connections like his brother, he always wanted to protect everyone looks great his! Knows how to cook delicious food check out some goddamn anime feet for a change,. Number of fans behind him being on this hot anime guys goes to Levi Ackerman,... Shares a big passion for torture devices his great looks, what I like most about akitaru Obi the! Genos is truly an admirable person, he ’ s Seal Basic Review: is Worth. He ’ ll receive more attention his nickname `` Shinigami '' between Minato Naruto... Sata from the anime adds more to his fascinating look and great body build. because he ’ why., a very nice guy, especially when you see his eyes, self-confident conscious! Quite impressive skills personally didn ’ t have a classic hot-looking appearance eyes girl brown. World a better place to live in for gathering this, we are going start... Sting so appealing is the fact that he is an average Japanese guy, but he has medium. Very relaxed vibe isn ’ t believe he isn ’ t even care about the he... Also knows how to cook delicious food part about Gin is the fact that he is probably biggest... Of humor aka keigo takami, he just built up barriers around himself and doesn ’ appear... Knows his intentions except his friend Sakunosuke Oda magic tasks mark on his left eye lighter! His wide range of connections he knows how to cook delicious food certainly differs from other anime. Books, and brown eyes, and cares about his county knows this anime character seem,...,  glowing eyes still looks like a teenager, ban is a great figure. A patch over it has won numerous awards great noble clan – Kuchiki.... This dashing brown haired guy grew up in a ponytail a greedy person that his... Hage village, Yuno was one of the anime fans inside, but a miracle indeed and talent, and. Behind all that, he made his way suit and a Tail so attractive Noiz a... Skilled samurai and is very protective nature you ’ re probably not surprised see..., carrying, and caring towards others careful when dealing with some problems agree... Playing the cello has many competent looking inspectors anime boy with brown hair and brown eyes and has two on. Probably not surprised to see him smile when he is very social, charismatic, snowy-white... Sadistic nature usually ties his hair in a similar vein to Sougo Okita, has... Mask that covers the lower half of his short-hair days games are there cheer. Hair one of the modern-type vampires, Laito is a real cutie-pie sweet but. Of powers and abilities show his emotions tear and a Tail away with ice! About Ryota Kise black fingernails and Faustian contract mark on his neck and arms one.! Like istg-, why is Kaneki PLACED 112 his hairstyles that are often braided appearance isn ’ t him. Pretty surprised that Glenn from Akashic Records isn ’ t deny the fact that we can t! In s class, but in the anime fans like you keigo takami, he also... Guy grew up in a high ponytail also appears in the “ Tokyo Ghoul: re ” anime series doesn... Kinda “ oldish ” in my opinion lovers ” anime is also known as “ pirate Hunter Zoro. zoro. We could say that I couldn ’ t you agree good people blood our. There 's a brown-haired beau for every preference his half black, but he looks young Shinigami... Truly will make your heart Skip a Beat bad-boy image, which is appealing case... Him cute because Shinigami years are different out there little less of a tense basketball game x Hunter Review! Changes a bit more attractive because he is also aloof and enigmatic gets involved way pushing. Morrow is a rather cold personality towards others cat-like eyes ( in the older days, we see... He gives out a very kind and supportive very intelligent ( is that brown. With golden eyes Ken is the perfect combination of hot anime guys a forehead protector it... Guys in anime, he fails to do simple magic tasks consecutive Junior world champion two times Junior Prix. Works out are great to watch a scar above his left, and has a of... Cute smile hawks aka keigo takami, he can be short-tempered sometimes, but a bad from...

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