Warren Hoo, better known as Willy Chin, is one of the most dynamic forces in music today. He is as much of an international brand as he is a DJ & Producer. He’s proven himself to be versatile in the music business, consistently bridging the gap between Caribbean music and other genres around the world. His mastery evolves from his innate musical talent, strong Jamaican roots, Chinese heritage and his passion for all things music.

Musical Family Tree

Throughout his career, Willy has been blessed with constant support from his family.This particularly comes from his relatives whom are also in the music industry. From a young age they recognized his talent encouraged him through all his musical endeavors. The positive motivation from his mentors such as his uncle Paul Chin who founded ‘Cosmic Force Records’; his cousins- Supa Dups who founded ‘Black Chiney’ Sound, renowned guitarist Mitchum ‘Khan’ Chin, and computer genius Nick Vyrux, certainly propelled Willy to new musical heights.

Early Years

During his formative years as a child, Willy listened to Supa Dups DJ on a popular radio station in Miami and would record the shows at home on his cassette player to replay and study. Willy credits this exercise for giving him the valuable lessons in mixing music and song selections. Debuting his musical talent in 1998 at the early age of 13, Willy DJ’d alongside his uncle and cousin at various events including weddings, anniversaries, office and house parties. Soon after this, he launched his solo DJ career six years before joining the famous Black Chiney Sound System. Willy’s love and zeal for music continued to grow while working at a local music equipment store during the day. The experience he gained while employed there helped Willy develop a sound knowledge of musical equipment, which eventually became the treasured building blocks to his DJ’ing/music producing career. Willy was later introduced to the technological aspect of digital manipulation by his cousin, Nicholas Lyon. It was only then that Willy realized how influential Nicholas would be in the new direction his passion and career was heading. In early 2000, this knowledge soon fueled Willy’s obsession with remixing and he soon became known as the ‘Remix King’.

The Rise

With the release of his first mix tape in 2003, Willy Chin-Volume One, Willy reached a critical turning point in his musical career as a DJ. Soon after this release, he gained international recognition thus securing numerous bookings within the Caribbean such as Bahamas, Jamaica and St. Lucia. This pivotal point in his career was solidified by his performance at Next Level Entertainment Group’s ‘Summer Splash 2003’ in Montego Bay Jamaica. This exposure propelled him to higher heights proving his extraordinary talents were way beyond anyone else on the DJ’ing circuit at that time. More importantly, this is where he gained a new level of respect from his peers and the kingpin of Black Chiney Sound.

It was a few weeks after his smashing performance at Summer Splash that Willy was recruited to join Balck Chiney. In December 2003, the Black Chiney crew knew that Willy was exactly what they have been looking for and the remix genius became an official member of the Black Chiney Sound.

Onwards & Upwards

Since 2003, Willy has been on a constant & steady rise in all aspects of his musical career. He has always maintained his involvement in Black Chiney Sound and thrived in his solo career as Willy Chin. He has been involved in several mainstream and underground production projects as seen below.


Kopa Riddim – VP 2005

Elephant man-, Father Elephant- VP 2005

High Octane – VP 2006

Drumline Riddim – VP 2007

Notch, Raised by People – Universal 2007

Melanie Fiona, Somebody Get Me – Universal 2007

Deco Drive Riddim – Zojack 2014

T.O.K., Boom Boom – Zojack 2014

Tifa, Wah Dem A Try – Zojack 2014

Willy Chin Feat David Lyn, Round She Go- Zojack 2014

Willy Chin, Clock- Zojack 2014

Beenie Man and Jordanne Patrice, Collide – Zojack 2015



Willy Chin Volume One – 2002

Black Chiney 8 – 2004

Willy Chin Again – 2006

Black Chiney 8.9 "The Black Chiney Show" – 2008

Uh Gosh Volume 1 Soca Mix – 2014

Uh Gosh Volume 2 Soca Mix – 2015

Uh Gosh Volume 3soca Mix – 2016

Black Chiney on Ovo Sound Radio -Apple Beats1 – 2015

R.City Mixtape-V.I. Till We Die Reloaded -2015


Vybz Kartel -Turn Down For What

Willy Chin – Coco Milo Freestyle

Sizzla X Drave – Five Em A Try Hotline Bling Remix

Angela Hunte & Machel Montanoparty Done Remix

Machel Montano – Like A Boss

Willow Smith – 21st Century Girl Remix

Shal Marshall- Party

Short Dick Man Remix

Fly Away Remix – Vybz Kartel

Vybz Kartel – G6 Remix

Scooby Doo Remix – Elephant Man

Willy Chin’s passion for music is synonymous with his appetite for travel. His musical acts have taken him globetrotting to various cities in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and The Caribbean. Harvesting all that he can from his extensive travels and developing an appreciation for the cultural diversities of the world, Willy is proud to be able to seamlessly fuse his authentic Jamaican roots to mesh music that everyone can dance too. This Sagittarian is most proud of his ability to keep pace with the music and technological developments in the industry. His career thus far has taken him on a remarkable journey through an array of genres enabling him to boast a personal repertoire of his favorite ‘one-drop’ Reggae tunes; Dancehall; Hip-Hop; Soca; Calypso; Salsa; Meringue; Country; R &B; 60’s; 70’s; 80’s; Rock & Roll and much more.

Surrounded by music for most of his life it was no surprise when Willy established his own recording company CLab Studios in 2004. Once in his hometown of Miami you can surely find Willy in his studio doing what he does best. In a natural progression, Willy has also launched his own record label – Willy Chin Music. Most recently, Willy has debuted his own Dancehall Riddim Project – Deco Drive Riddim

A Look Ahead

The astonishing depth of musical knowledge this world renowned Selector, DJ Remixer, Producer; Song-writer and now budding Recording Artiste now has under his belt helps Willy to stay one step ahead of the game. This solidifies that Willy’s career is still on a rise even after touching his first turntable 20 years ago. Nothing seems to have the ability to limit the robust potential of this multi-talented young man. Willy’s goals for the future are to dive deep into the music production aspect of things while keeping his DJ career pumping. His passion for all aspects of music is what drives his motivation for success. Willy Chin’s future is dazzling as he positions himself for true musical greatness.

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