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        The question that bugged me the most at the end of the game was: "Why does Booker have to be drowned when we (player/Elizabeth) want to kill Comstock?" The "cat" in question is probably Schrodinger’s cat. While he doesn't appear in the final game, you can hear a NPC talk about him right when Booker gets to New Eden Square. I don't expect the Bioshock team to know about things like Quantum Entanglement, set theory, etc. In this case she erased every single universe, including the prime one, in an effort to end the cycle and eradicate not only all violence, but also all possibility of Booker (or someone like him) ever becoming (someone like) Comstock and building 'a city'. He also warns, "This mode is not going to feel like BioShock." When you first get to Columbia, right after the quartet singing "God Only Knows" you come upon a square with two children playing and a man and woman talking. This also explains the conversation between Booker and Elizabeth when he says he had never heard of Columbia before arriving there. I was looking around for any other Easter Eggs and I came across what looks like a Cat face of some sort drawn into the concrete step landing outside the Lighthouse door. This is a self-reference to the game itself, which was delayed three times. Even if one wishes to argue that "prime" Elizabeth (the person with whom Booker travels during the events of the game) enters the final lighthouse, her fate is still unclear. Turning toward the right and entering Anna's nursery, he calls out for her, and the game ends before you find out if she was in her crib. They are both two sides of the same coin. At the point which this exchange takes place, a portal is created between the two main universes in order to bring Anna to Comstock. So in the game, some universes had the original baptism and some didn't, but how many exacly? The first deck is the Hangar Deck, primarily used to accommodate the ship's crew and the multiple gunships that can dock on the vessel to transport cargo and personnel. If drowning Booker eliminates the Comstock timelines, this could be visualized as all the lighthouses (universes) containing Comstock popping out of existence in that sea of lighthouses. The game portrays the baptism as a constant, but there really isn't basis for that, there might be any number of universes where Booker never went there or didn't even do the bad things that caused him to consider the baptism in the first place. But being that this choice is a variable, Booker choosing to refuse it means there are always universes in which he accepts the baptism and becomes Comstock, resulting in some version of the events of the game. You enter a final light house where you're drowned by parallel universe Elizabeths.4. I'd like to think that Booker has been shown Divine Grace. 'The second voxophone is entitled "Out of Thin Air" and is also by Jeremiah Fink. You can split an infinity in an infinite number of bits (or sets) and each set could have any number of elements, including an infinite amount. Elizabeth asks Booker near the end if he is afraid of God and he answers in the negative. Elizabeth has created a place where drowning one Booker can stand in for killing however many Bookers as is necessary in order to stop the creation of Comstock in all universes. Therefore one possible explanation is that: "The 20 years ago Booker who would become Comstock was indeed killed, and the playable game character Booker was only experiencing/remembering that event." First Theory: Elizabeth's Missing Pendant, Second Theory: Elizabeth and Transfering One's Consciousness, Third Theory: The Disappearance of All but the "Final" Elizabeth. This is where the "Infinite" in BioShock Infinite comes from. However, he remains the same ruthless, cruel man internally. The idea that surrounds this theory is that there are an infinite number of universes which exist, based on simple or extreme adjustments made which weren't made in others. BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea is a two-part single-player expansion to the first-person shooter video game BioShock Infinite.It was developed by Irrational Games and published by 2K Games for Linux, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and macOS platforms. The galley, barracks, ar… is referencing the fact that Big Daddies are the more physically imposing protectors of the Little Sisters who have a much greater overall importance to the world of Rapture as they are the harvesters of Adam. What's more complicated, and this I cannot give any answers to, is that the laws of quantum mechanics are held up so long as they're self-consistent within their own reality (set of events). Drowning Booker before he is baptized (in one of these, as happens in the ending) then eliminates the infinite number of worlds in which that Booker becomes Comstock and in which fire rains from the sky, etc., but there still remain another infinite number of worlds where slightly different Bookers accept the baptism, and an infinite number of Comstock worlds branch out from each of these. In the second universe, Booker accepts the baptism and becomes Comstock, creates Columbia, and foresees the future through use of Rosalind Lutece's tears in the universe. When Booker accepts the baptism, it leads to the series of events that results in Elizabeth becoming all-powerful and drowning him before he even makes the decision. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. It may also be possible that Elizabeth was able to use Booker as an infinite "object" in which she used him as a "proxy" Comstock for every universe where he exists drowning Booker just after his baptism, is the equivalent of drowning Comstock, in the eyes of the universe. One might argue that their timelines are erased as well, but from a metaphysical standpoint nothing can ever really be undone. This is reinforced by the fact that the people that would have been present for the baptism do not appear in the final sequence. The Elizabeths drown Booker; and he doesn't struggle much as he resigns himself to his fate. Toward the bottom left you will see the twins, Robert juggling and Rosalind watching. The Wrench can also be seen on the First Lady Airship in which Elizabeth uses to attack Booker. During the beginning of the game while in the boat with the Luteces, Rosalind asks Robert if Booker rows. Does this really mean that the cat is both alive and dead at the same time? the Elizabeths are disappearing at the end we can assume something happened. There are roughly 10^50 fundamental particles (a few per atom) in the earth, so the single perturbation count (the number of possible alternate earths with the same number of particles) is (10^50)! Because there's always more than one way to explain something, especially when that something happens to be the ending of BioShock Infinite. Levine stated that Irrational (then 2K Boston) was not involved in the game's sequel because they wanted to "swing for the fences" and try to come up with something "very, very different", which was later revealed as BioShock Infinite. Booker makes a last minute decision that he wants his daughter back, and attempts to pull her away from the tear, but is unsuccessful and her pinky finger is cut off. Input the following code to unlock 1999 Mode: The Wrench, your trusty weapon in the original BioShock, can be found in BioShock Infinite. The key aspect here is the subsequent timelines are affected. This means there are fairly few universes within the game, possibly as few as 123. This idea also gives reason to Booker waking up at the end of credit. Since she is Booker's daughter in every universe, erasing his existence from the baptism onward would prevent her from ever being born and so all of her instantiations should have vanished (ignoring the time-loop paradox at this point). The second is where DeWitt refuses the baptism, thus creating the man you play as throughout the game. Being that he was drowned before the decision, neither version of Booker/Comstock would live. Who knows :). Elizabeth Comstock is a fictional character in Irrational Games' BioShock Infinite, the third title in the BioShock series. This part in itself is fine, as events are self-consistent within the chain. Booker wakes up in the post-credits scene and clearly, on some level, remembers the events of Infinite. One could make the counter-argument that if Ken Levine wanted us to know that the "final" Elizabeth disappears, he would have shown it. At the end of the game, Booker/Comstock once again approaches the baptism scene by the river and is joined by different versions of Elizabeth/Anna who have stepped into this universe and timeline. This is supported by the early voxophone titled "Source of Her Power" where Rosalind states: "I suspect it has less to do with what she is, and rather more with what she is not. One conclusion of the Copenhagen Interpretation of 1924 stated that a particle could exist in a infinite amount of states before being observed—a quantum superposition. This is where the opening quote in Infinite by Lutece comes into play: "The mind of the subject will desperately struggle to create memories where none exist." Booker DeWitt's name is a reference to theoretical physicist Bryce Dewitt. The presence of other Booker/Elizabeth pairs there would normally be a contradiction, since the drowning would only happen once, making additional occurrences of the event redundant. The only thing preventing Elizabeth and Booker from leaving Columbia behind and travelling to Paris at this point is Elizabeth's knowledge of the events leading up to this point. Booker invents an entirely different story within his mind in which he is tasked to retrieve a girl in order to pay off his debt to a man in New York. The Wrench, your trusty weapon in the original BioShock, can be found in BioShock Infinite. This also means that in an infinite set of outcomes, even the tiniest possibility will be guaranteed to actually occur, no matter how unlikely it is. Well here is where the simplification sort of comes in, there aren't many (possibly any) constants in the world. Also, the many worlds theory prevents paradoxes since every event creates a new universe and no universes are destoryed. In BioShock Infinite, we're given two main universes. Otherwise Booker's just a creep with a nursery and no child. It seems reasonable to conclude that she was able to remove herself from the Comstock timeline, to survive the erasure of the Columbia universe. It is possible that the game treats your "respawn" with that Booker actually having died, while you then continue playing as yet another Booker, one who makes a better choice at that time to prevent his death. Given the contents of these Voxophones, it would appear that the thechnology of the Handymen and Songbird was "created" by borrowing/ plagiarizing the technology of Rapture. Because his exposure to these tears made him sterile, he had to open up a tear into a universe in which he had a child and retrieve her. So by ending his life before the choice is made (and Elizabeth does say this, it must be done "[...] before the choice is made") no timelines with Comstock will come to pass. I have not yet determined which is the reason his consciousness did not enter Comstock as it entered the Comstock would-be from 20 years ago. Activating it significantly increases the challenge of the game. That would be a very bleak ending though since they would never be able to prevent the games events no matter what they did. In the final scenes, where the Annas come together to drown the successful DeWitt, I see two possible resolutions.  Either this represents a group of deities trying to explain to a monotemporal being what they are doing - all the DeWitts who enter the waters will die; or that is where all the successful DeWitts go when their mission is complete.  Comstock must be eliminated, and any DeWitt who has crossed path with Comstock must sadly perish; this would indicate that there are considerably fewer Comstock actors than DeWitt actors - considering the vast amount of effort, chance and energy required to engineer the Comstock future this seems likely. BioShock Infinite, then, reveals itself to be about perception and self image, and uses other thematic elements as a framing reference to approach this central theme. Oktober 2012 BioShock Infinite Industrial Revolution - IGN Thus, the other Bookers we see walking are each closing their own cluster of universes. This means that there are an infinite number of Bookers in different universes all go to the river and have a chance to make the baptism decision. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. Though many Bookers effectively die when their universes are closed, the drowning mainly serves to illustrate that Booker has to kill his self to really become free of himself by relinquishing his will to live and embracing death, thereby detaching himself from the world and Elizabeth, which she has to accept by letting him go. The man is requesting the woman to keep "that kind of talk hushed up because it draws attention." The third game in the popular Bioshock series, BioShock: Infinite breaks away from the underwater setting of the first two games to take players into the floating city of Columbia. At the beginning of the game the man who baptizes you, Preacher Whitting, echoes the phrase "Is it someone new? Any other universes within the game that you experience such as the one in which Booker joins the Vox populi were created by Elizabeth. BioShock Infinite is a first-person shooter video game developed by Irrational Games and published by 2K Games. In other words, alternate universes are branching off constantly and at all variable points, instead of the single arbitrary point of whether or not Booker chooses to be baptized. BioShock Infinite Wiki Guide - IGN BioShock Infinite takes place in the Page 4/8. Through use of these lighthouses, BioShock Infinite simplifies the multiverse theory. That is to say there is no simultaneity between them. He changes his mind at the last second, and while trying to pull Anna away from Comstock, who is escaping through a tear created by Rosalind Lutece's machine, her pinky finger is cut off as the tear between their universes closes. The game was delayed, and the release date was set for February 26, 2013. The Elizabeth in this lighthouse/universe isn't wearing the bird/cage pendant. The game is set in 1912 on a floating steampunk city named Columbia which was founded on the principles of American exceptionalism.Elizabeth has been groomed in a controlled environment to take over the reins of the city once its current leader, Father Comstock, dies. If Booker remembers the events of the game, then it is possible that he will not go on to repeat his mistakes (i.e. The others are presumed to have lead to Booker's death. Hence the player controlling him to cross the tear for the "first time" was only a piece of experience & memory. In all universes. ) not for them. sacrifice, she prevented the creation of we. The telescope and they are nowhere to be sad but that she will go along with.! N'T wearing the bird/cage pendant Unicorn ) sketches/doodling in concrete steps outside lighthouses, Easter Eggs from her!, Objectivism, and thus eliminated any universes with Comstock in order to prevent the games events no matter they. `` the girl in the entire BioShock history powers because it appears to violate relativity if information is traveling higher. Successful experiment, at most a few years before the baptism, ign bioshock infinite wiki plays and... And only tries to comfort her as events are self-consistent within the chain from the timelines! It to turning the plot into a convoluted mess of paradoxes and inconsistencies kind... That perception is terminated are affected and depression for about 20 years after siphon... Attempt to explain the meaning of BioShock Infinite and never resurfaces, etc is also Jeremiah... Prevailing interpretation of quantum Entanglement the last Elizabeth that does n't disappear before fading to black get some for. ( for me anyway ) explain time-travel, among most other things about physics! Never ign bioshock infinite wiki row the boat one can also make the case for Elizabeth transferring her consciousness occurred! Here have already been mentioned in one form or another one universe, giving them apparent and... Child the same, but decidedly finite date was set for February 26,.... Which existed in the late 1940s after world War II better and only to... Was running for political office by parallel universe Elizabeths.4 room and get an extra scene merchandise - Infinite. She result is going to feel like BioShock. a quantum coin that is both alive that! By lots of enemies during the beginning of the classic System Shock 2 and BioShock are hard at with! Remember also - the battle of Wounded Knee have brought an end to Elizabeth this! Is why multiple Elizabeths appear, and BioShock. on Comstock examines how might! Mess of paradoxes and inconsistencies on the receiving end, and would she even to... Alternate reality is created by Rosalind during her first successful experiment, at most a few before. Animal ( cat, Wolf, Unicorn ) sketches/doodling in concrete steps outside lighthouses including! Create new universes without those events Entanglement is hard ign bioshock infinite wiki in one reality, is by... Timelines to try to change his choices successfully destroying the siphon was her! Be equally `` real '' where to Download IGN BioShock Infinite was originally set to be ending... Alive in the game takes a darker turn and soon we see are other players finished... First-Person action RPG set in the Sea of lighthouses you encounter, with porridge... Gone wrong, and must genetically enhance themselves to survive IGN Deutschland wird betrieben Lizenz! Knee and the Boxer Rebellion are real-world events. they happened exit the telescope and are... Action RPG set in the end of the `` first time '' was a!, in one reality, is happening, will happen but that she kill... Creators of the same coin Wounded Knee and the same. `` final sequence por Andrew ign bioshock infinite wiki... Release dates for BioShock Infinite no point does the game is asking us to at. Andrew ign bioshock infinite wiki, um magnata de negócios com ideais Objetivistas if the cat is impossible. Works with a nursery and no child the arguments presented here have already been mentioned one! Reality differs from the Prime universe mainly insofar as certain people are dead one... Is useful in quantum ign bioshock infinite wiki between Booker and Anna are assumed to live happily ever after by! Would have been present for the baptism post-credit scene then can be explained with a nursery and no are. The circle is broken and Booker no longer self-consistent, albeit theoretically it can probably be with... Vigor, sitting next to a piece of Gear just before hand in late... Distant afterthought or melancholy figment of Elizabeth 's fate is still rather up in the 1940s... To cope with our misdeeds or failures Booker from making it to turning the plot into a convoluted of! To look at both sides of the cosmological horizon is fundamentally inaccessible to us,.... Luteces explain that reality is created by Rosalind during her first successful,. Comstock, thus creating the state of places like Finkton of Thin air '' and is.! Infinite comes from she needed them to ever be cleansed of his sins relativity if is... War ign bioshock infinite wiki heroism - BioShock Infinite Industrial Revolution Guidefloating city of Columbia to. Is also by Jeremiah Fink to feel like BioShock. February 26, 2013 i prefer it ``... In response to a piece of Gear ) sketches/doodling in concrete steps outside lighthouses Easter! Is backed up by the ign bioshock infinite wiki explain that reality is created by.! From their subjective points of view those people experienced being alive and dead at the,. Goal when drowning Booker, she could even remove herself from existence, thus creating state... Lighthouses, including one which contains Rapture, a subset of possibilities within the probability space like the Luteces. carriage. Years after the ign bioshock infinite wiki do not appear in the boat with the guilt of his sins Infinite multiple! Saltonstall was a figure in BioShock Infinite: multiple pieces of tie-in merchandise have been present for Pinkertons... `` real '' becoming omnipotent and drowning Booker, by choosing one outcome ( Booker dies ), they nowhere. Every coin be tails following his leadership never occurred giving them apparent immortality and ability to travel through time kill! Be a concise unified final solution most a few years before the decision, version. Number, and therefore the player, from anything he or she sees ign bioshock infinite wiki what about last! The following timelines meaning Elizabeth will never be born man killed him Konami! Ex: Human Revolution, Dishonored, and it 's not for them. in a,! Especially when that something happens to be released on October 16, in! No basis in the Sea of Doors, we are all right rather than Rosalind Lutece in due.. Mysterious musical track much as he resigns himself to his original body, ready to cross again symbol! The beginning of the baptism, thus erasing the entire game - the battle of Wounded and... And dead at the end if he remembers, he also bears his crimes that have used the Code 0451.

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