December 23, 2020

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Fake Tan by Tan-Luxe. Discover the Hydra Mousse by TAN-LUXE today, available on LOOKFANTASTIC with free UK delivery available. – 6th September 2018. I did 2 pumps for each body part ( legs, hips/bum, stomach, chest/neck, each arm, my back) and 1 pump for my face. Shop Hydra Mousse Hydrating Self Tan Mousse 6.76 oz. SHOP THE SALE. Avoid contact with eyes. Required fields are marked *, © 2021 TAN-LUXE. Formulated without a guide colour, HYDRA-MOUSSE gives a clean, natural-looking tan without clogging pores, streaking, or dehydrating skin. It's the first completely clear self-tanning mousse. If reaction occurs, discontinue use/seek medical advice. £60.00 (38) Tan-Luxe Glyco Water Tan Remover & Primer 200ml. Do not shower for at least 4 hours post application. 3.50 out of 5 stars (4 reviews) TAN-LUXE. Apply: Using a tanning mitt, apply to the skin in a circular motion from head to toe. Tools & Brushes. We'll send you an email as soon as the product arrives. Blending seamlessly into skin, it develops into a sun-kissed, radiant glow within 4-6 hours and is available in two skin-flattering shades – ‘Light to Medium’ and ‘Medium to Dark’. I still have it with this one, however it’s much less. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. I decided to Keep the light-medium so I could try it later on and see the difference and maybe try it on my face only. Thoroughly wash hands after use Super Glow Body Hyaluronic Self-Tan Serum. £39.00 (20) Tan Luxe The Sleep Oil Rejuvenating Miracle Tanning Oil Duo. Cult Beauty is the insider’s guide to the world's best beauty products. I hope I have been able to assist you, but please do not hesitate to contact me, if there is anything else I can do for you. Maintain: Gently exfoliate and moisturise skin daily to maintain an even, luminous glow. All in all, an amazing Luxury Tanning product that I would highly recommend. Using skin-loving ingredients and a skincare-led approach, TAN-LUXE drops, waters, mousses and lotions create beautiful results. You’ll be opted in our marketing communications. Enriched with skin boosting properties of raspberry seed oil, vitamin E and aloe vera, it works in synergy with your existing skincare regime - transforming your favourite moisturiser, serum or face oil into a bespoke bronzing solution. Blend lightly with a tanning mitt using large circular motions from head to toe, lightly covering hands, elbows and feet last. The clear-as-crystal water pumps out as luxurious foam, which has been scientifically formulated for super-fast absorption. Product Details. I'm an experienced tanner, and as a result have ruined so many bed sheets over the years, so the fact I can wear this in the day or wear it to bed without transferring is a major plus to me. Previous Slide Next Slide. From skin care to make up, each of the beauty products is chosen by our world-class expert panel for its efficacy and stand-alone brilliance. And if you HATE awkward undertones in self-tanners that never develop evenly...well my friend, this one is for you. This product is BY FAR THE GREATEST self-tanning product known to womankind (or mankind). I had heard from everyone that Self Tanner's stain sheets, smell, etc and I was never interested until I saw Tan-Luxe had this colourless mousse, and after weeks of researching, I took the plunge and bought the Medium to Dark and the Light Medium mousse. I rubbed my arm again my bed sheet and nothing came off. With a nourishing blend of vitamin B, C, and E, aloe vera, and caffeine, INSTANT HERO instantly tans, tones, and blurs imperfections by reducing the appearance of redness, cellulite, and spider veins.

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