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The only mechanical failures were front turn signal light bulb and highbeam indicator bulb. The seat is quite literally a pain in the a**e, 100 mile fuel range and you will want to get off it. I have forward mounted controls a bigger tank and small speedway bars. I just bought the 883 sportster about a month ago. The average servicing cost is about €250 and Harley-Davidson parts are on the higher side of the scale, in terms of cost and quality. It has been cheap to insure, service and run. Yet the ride of my Sportster is superior and exhilarating. Drop the peg for foward mounted ones and try and get the service to rubber mount the engine. Tends to be "top heavy" and cornering is reflected in that. I bought an 883CC, 2002 Sportster in September. If youre a fat old man, then maybe you OUGHT to buy something other than the sportster. It spends more time in the shop than on the road. Still, you're more than ready for a break at that point anyway. pillion yeah right no one will get on that death trap. Ride? Had one a few months ago, until I traded it in for a Ducati. However, sharp and sleek aren’t what Harleys are about: they’re about burble, gurgle and chilled-out trundle and the Harley-Davidson XL883 Sportster can do all three. Harleys are not cheap and buying the Harley-Davidson XL883 Sportster is the way most fans of the marque can get a foot in the door. I have had a problem with paint flaking off and rust spots appearing but properly cleaned and treated this was quickly halted from spreading. The paint is good, as is the chrome. The only thing this bike is bad at is being a sport bike.It can be made to scratch, but it's hard work. 2004 Harley-Davidson Sportster 883 Specifications Spec, Photos, and Model Information / ... 2017 Indian Roadmaster: First Ride Review. 2008 Harley-Davidson Sportster® 883 pictures, prices, information, and specifications. But in real terms it has enough power and handling for A roads B roads even motorways. The bike is everything I wanted and then some. The bike has a poor build quality and is fragile with extortionate parts prices. i like everything about it. Just remember that the bike is limited by any modern definition. Pulling in the heavy clutch and stamping into first gear with a hefty clunk, the bike thrums along pleasantly with a linear and unthreatening power delivery. Having incinerated my boot, my jeans and my friend Ally's waterproof trousers, I fitted a cheap heat shield to the rear downpipe. No fuel gauge as standard (an expensive optional extra). The first time this happened it freaked me out, but I learned to take the air cleaner cover off every other ride and wipe it out. Harley should be ashamed of themselves for ever building it, let alone selling it. I had always been infatuated with Sportsters as a kid, but they were far out of reach financially and had a pretty sour quality reputation. Harley-Davidson Sportster Iron 883 Updates For 2020 The Iron 883 hasn’t had many radical updates since its launch in 2010, so changes to the … 2007 Harley-Davidson Sportster 883R Review: 10 Years Later. And still having issues. I like the engine it works but has a drink problem That heavy clutch, and the clunky gearbox take me back to the dark ages... Only 50HP? Yes I know it's "only" 883 cc, but that size of engine a few years ago was a big powerful bike. You do get some problems with corrosion on these bikes and they don’t seem to cope quite as well as some of the Japanese alternatives. 2003 Harley-Davidson XLH Sportster 883 Anniversary Motorcycle. Mine has been back to the dealers 3 times for this problem alone and its still not fixed. with out a doubt and they too would be the custom style, often imitated and often bettered by the Japenese but they still a great little bike. It is the most disappointing bike ever. Discontinued in 2003.1990: Harley-Davidson XLH883 De Luxe model launched: same basic spec but with higher bars and dual seat as standard. Then customise to your hearts desire. There are a few things that must be done immediatly. Bought second-hand with Stage 1 and not so silent SE exhausts. Expensive for what it is, but values keep well and I sold it at the same price as I paid for it. Later gains spoked, cast alloy wheels.2003: Harley-Davidson XL883/L Sportster introduced with rubber-mounted engine, lower seat and a lighter clutch. I went Japanese cruiser and rode for 3yrs, 42000 miles. 2 respays lots of rust. Stage 1, a must after sorting tyres & suspension. Man those tires last! Even the 883 is a bit too heavy for city traffic, the heavy clutch doesn't help either. Will cruise along at eighty no sweat. All 2003 Harleys have the company’s centenary badge on them. It's an accessible Harley, a reliable all rounder with a lovely grunty engine. The carbed, 883cc Evolution engine has masses of grunt low down but wheezes at it approaches the ton mark. The Harley-Davidson XL883 Sportster's engine is lardy, lumpy and laborious, unfortunately. The dealer did me a favor with the Harley tax...he saved me big dollars..I did all the work myself.... After my Buell Blast! I love commuting on it I ride about 250 miles a week. I have ridden a number of motorcycles in the past. I just love motorcycles. Buying experience: Great, until you ride off. Yes, the rocker boxes tended to spit oil out their breather tubes when you got on the throttle, and this oil dripped from the air cleaner onto the rear pipe's heat shield. Compare it to other bikes out there and you see why it's disappointing. Service it yourself or mortgage the wife.... Its nice to look at, Harleys always are nice to look at. The HD aftermarket has enabled me to make it into a comfortable ride. It features a 53.9 cubic inch (883 cubic centimeters, hence the name) air-cooled v-twin engine mated to a 5-speed manual transmission. Not brilliant on fuel, and the tank is a bit undersized, and the "California" style filler is a pain, with that obstruction just inside the top.... (to stop you putting diesel in it?). First HD after owning 6 japanese bikes. The vibration is noticeable which I don't think its a bad thing, but it caused one of battery cables to come loose which caused the bike to misbehave, once it was tightened up the bike went back to normal. But I don't care, guess I'm lucky! The difference is indescribable. In 8 years of ownership, I only had 2 major problems, namely a battery terminal had corroded and perished, and this year the throttle cable snapped. New belt guard Seriously, after 10,000 miles? Think 'On Any Sunday' and you'll get hte idea. Both wear and tear items and no big deal to sort out. Beautiful bike with great image and great sound ruined by poor brakes, lack of grunt, peg scraping in easy turns and painful to ride for more than 20 minutes. Lots of pulling power, no need for high engine revs to pull away smartly. Harley-Davidson Sportster 883 Bike Overview. Sure it leaks oil at the carb, thats called blow-by, and its a result of driving at to low of RPM's. Then told there was some "confusion" about my order. Free Shipping, No Hassle Returns and the Lowest Prices - Guaranteed This is a good thing: if it isn't there, it can't go wrong. Rusts within 6 months no undercoat. Fun to ride, light and agile but long rides become uncomfortable. When I ride to the office in Downtown Atlanta, which isn't very often, I keep it at 68 or so and she is happy. - Just a cool ride. Buyers be very aware. Sometimes wish I had a sixth gear, but I'm a light-weight and this is ample bike for me. Built very well, ABS and alarm standard , so was keyless ignition. Regular servicing of fluids, inspection, etc. Servicing costs are high, even if you maintain the bike and very little work is done, but most dealerships have a flat rate (barring any surprises) so you know how much it will cost (£300 for the 10k). You can get more bike for the money elsewhere but that’s not the point: these machines are legendary. It will put you on your ear if you exceed them. Poor squishy brakes. The engine is a bit of a relic. Similar updates to basic model. Harley Davidson. The Harley Davidson 883 is a fantastic customising platform, a blank canvas for any enthusiast who loves to tinker. Just needed a new exhaust system to make it an even better bike as the stock ones strangle the sound and performance. Speaking to other owners these should last anything from 20 to 50,000 miles depending on who you speak to. It had buckhorn bars when I got it, but I hated the feeling so I … Hasn't got any factory equipment to speak of, beside an alarm that works by voodoo. Buying experience: Bought privately with 4000 miles for $2500. Its side stand so when it decides to breakdown it allows me to stand back with my hands free and point and shout at it. Bikez has discussion forums for every bike. The exhaust sound makes me smile. But alas, I have a bad back and sciatica and this is not the bike for me. it also sounds pretty darn good with the new pipes. In this version sold from year 2003 , the dry weight is 235.0 kg (518.1 pounds) and it is equipped with a V2, four-stroke motor. The parts are stupid prices. 26K in 2 years, serviced by inependent HD specialist. Seriously H-D, your reputation can only get you so far, wake up and smell the coffee, this bike is light years behind. I didn't particularly care for the paint treatment on the 2003 models, but my dealer had a nearly perfect glossy black 2002 XL 883 with less than 2000 miles. I bought mine during the hot summer months of July 2013, a 2008 Fuel Injected 883R. When I decided to buy another bike last year, I researched Triumphs, Hondas, Yamahas, Moto Guzzis, and a bunch of others, but my thoughts kept gravitating back to the Sportster. You can sign up for e-mail notifications when other riders answer you. The purchase experience was extraordinary, nothing like I ever experienced before with other brands. Standard Harley-Davidson XL883 Sportster has a single seat, low bars and a basic dash. The build quality of the bike is very good, hard to mark it down even though the clutch failed after just 330 miles. Definately needs highway pegs or forward controls ASAP. Below is the information on the 2004 Harley-Davidson Sportster® 883. And its my wallet that pays for it habbit power varies as it's been tuned so many time I don't know what's normal running for it. A few coughs and backfires, but great noise on the road. I had just put over 40,000 miles on a Suzuki Intruder, so I knew what a good running 800 should feel like. First gear is high in relation to the rest. Attention to setting the idle mixture on a thoroughly warm engine eliminates lurching in traffic. Stepped off a Triumph 1050 ST on to my sporty. “The Harley Davidson Sportster 883 - XL 883 is a very...” Written on: 29/03/2009 by stevefour (1 review written) The Harley Davidson Sportster 883 - XL 883 is a very good reliable bike. Probably Harley’s most customised bike … enuff power for both me & my g/f. Lay back and enjoy the Harley-Davidson XL883 Sportster's ride. changed the seat as well. I tried an extended run at 75mph on I95 near washington d.c. and actually pulled off the highway because my butt was tingling so bad that it hurt. Brakes take some getting used to, especially 2 up, but you adjust to that fairly quickly. Buying experience: Good, lost of help but could have been better. Navigating roundabouts without scraping pegs is a challenge. We never made it to the Triumph store instead we ended up with a his and hers bare bones basic 883. Also, 883C Custom model launched. 2 shares. I found my bike for the same price at another dealership, and this time got some honest people to deal with. Well I have my own now some 8 months later. I originally went to my local dealers for a Dyna, but the Harley tax was too stiff..$1500 over retail and no breaks..So I bought a plain 883 xlh..converted it to a 1200 (using a kit), 29 tooth pulley, balance master kit, knocked out the baffles, yost power tube jet kit, Sundowner seat and Autolite platinum plugs and Amzoil synthetic...Great power, great gas milage, light weight, can cruise at 65-70 mph all day with 50 of all I am laughing all the way to the bank. As a rule, fuel top up on every 100km, yet I rode 500km straight without any particular physical complaint. The Iron 883 is the bike that sits at the bottom of Harley-Davidson’s Sportster line. I finally replaced my Dunlop OEM front tire after 14,000 miles. The best feature is that it looks good and sounds good once you've spent £2,000 on the stage 1 upgrade. Also the clunky gearbox. Not really a bike for a pillion, This bike was nicely chromed and I have added a bit myself. If you're trying to get an affordable Harley Davidson, I definitely recommend you try this one out. If you ever get the chance to ride one on a sunny day when the sun is high then go for it, you WILL come back with a smile. I like the single clock with the ability to thumb through mileage, trip meters time and gear/RPM. The Sportster 883 Hugger is a motorcyle that is fun to ride and extremely easy to handle. No issues and the service tech is always amazed at how clean this engine is inside. The only mechanical failures were front turn signal light bulb and highbeam indicator bulb. The Iron 883 … But as for an actually bike. cargo rack, sissy bar, saddlebag stand-offs... all good. I can compare the two. I loved that Sporty, but I needed a touring machine. If you are a biker on a budget, often times you can start with a used 883 very cheaply, and upgrade over time to something even better than a factory 1200cc motor. Engine management sensors rot by about 12,000 miles. I used it round town, weekend rides and the occasional long journey. On Italian autostradas, my average speed was 130km/hr, taking it to 160km/hr when overtaking. Still, it's great for just cruising around and getting people to notice you, especially if you install screamin eagle pipes. 2003 marked the 100 th Anniversary of the Harley-Davidson Motor Company. But, I quickly had the carb jetted, put on a screaming eagle breather kit, and added slip on exhaust. She is still on the original battery from 1997, in the winter she starts up every 2 months without complaint, and get this when I originally got her, rode her for 5 months before laying her up for winter, the next spring at service time got a call from the dealer telling me there was no gearbox oil at all period! It was a left over, so I got a great deal on it. I've done an iron-butt ride on this bike, commuted regularly 100+ miles/day, rode 250-300 miles round trip to service calls with tool bag on the back, and have only had to do normal maintenance items. Harley Davidsons are the "Cruiser" class, where as "Ducati" is the sportbike class. Bauer Media Group consists of: Bauer Consumer Media Ltd, Company number: 01176085, Bauer Radio Ltd, Company Number: 1394141 I held off on this for the 10,000 mile service when I was informed that the Belt and Pulleys were worn out! This engine has been a champ. I bought it and rode it all last winter and spring. Try that on your Jap bike! was in the shop two out of the five first months I had it, I decided to trade it in for a 2001 Sportster. Look out, Electra Glide. A great B' road tool. It may not be the fastest bike in the world but it has more "go" than you might imagine. Harley-Davidson XL883C Sportster: Custom model, with 17.5 litre tank, redesigned seating position and wider rear tyre. It is a good all-rounder offering enough power and … Finish is superb on everything from switchgear to paint jobs. She loves it. The motorcycle has been ridden less than 6000 miles and is presently in the shop for the second time for oil leak problems in different places. Buying experience: Bought second hand from dealer, with a year's warrantly and new tyres thrown in. It chugs along beautifully and if you open it up it is surprisingly responsive. Anything above 70 and it asks for a 6th gear. Also ride a hornet which is quicker, faster off the mark, better handling, easier to throw around and still be in control and about as comfortable. 60 mile runs with a long break, no problems. The prestige of the bike is worth it alone , Now it goes like a raped ape. shifts smoothly, runs well, fast acceleration. However, I did 175km/hr with no problem on the A3 to Naples. Mine still has its 883 solo saddle and speedo only. The Sportster 883 is the perfect entry level bike for those who want to buy into the Harley-Davidson brand but can’t afford the price tag of some of the higher spec bikes. Discontinued in 1992.2001: Harley-Davidson XL883R model introduced with a 2-1 exhaust, black engine and new (dual) seat. The only difference between the 883 and 1200 Sportster is the displacement of the engine. I really love this bike and we have had nothing but smiles from people when we ride together. I replaced them, but only found bulb from an H-D dealer for $3.00! So it vibrates a little, I Love It! Few motorcycles are more elemental than the 2017 Harley-Davidson Sportster Iron 883. Bike was in immicaulate condition and well manintained. It is not a smooth luzury Jaguar, it is a real, bare bones, nothing fake, American motorcycle. New throttle controls As a consequence it has some very firm Hagons at the stern, and the front end is suspiciously firm too. Despite the age of the bike it is in immaculate condition. Click here to sell a used 2003 Harley-Davidson XLH Sportster 883 or advertise any other MC for sale.You can list all 2003 Harley-Davidson XLH Sportster 883 available and also sign up for e-mail notification when such bikes are advertised in the future. Bike promised within a month. I wound up buying a 1999 Suzuki marauder,much better bike for less and will blow the doors off the sporty!! Running costs not bad. I am very satisfied with both performance and power delivery. The legendary Sportster was one of them. Given that Harleys are heavy bikes, even the sporty, you would have thought that twin discs on the front would have been a given. 2003 Harley Davidson Sportster Custom XL883C Parts & Accessories at Tires aren't cheap if you buy the branded Michelin Scorcher, but I get the Commander which is the same tire, it just doesn't say Harely-Davidson on it. VAT no 918 5617 01 However, the bike should include a tachometer and gear indicator as standard. After seventeen eventful years, the laquer on the cases is starting to lift in a few nooks and crannies. So comparing it to a moped it has more power when it works, Let's just say Lego holds together better. You feel the bumps in the road, only single seat. All of the above was repainted or replaced under warranty but only after another 6 months of me pestering the dealer, it only got sorted when I contacted HD UK. (Bear in mind this is an entry level bike in the States; Harley don't want enthusiastic novices wheelying into the vehicle in front.) The handling is agricultural as you would expect. New Speedo housing If this is what the Harley image is about, than no thanks. And the chances are I might even get my money back when i sell it. On the one hand you are unlikely to lose much when you come to sell, on the other it costs more to own a Sportster in the first place. Ownership is not cheap! The whole difference between the two models consists in chassis mods making the Sportster 883 Low more compact and, obviously, lower as well as the Sportster 883 … The Harley-Davidson XL883 Sportster is a basic, budget way into Harley ownership: that possession prized by anyone whose idea of heaven is a long, straight, American highway and for whom Peter Fonda remains the ultimate role model. if you want fast, buy a sport bike. Its a great engine with lots of low end grunt and loads of potential but by present day standards it vibrates like hell. The Sportster 883 is offered in four solid colors for 2007. View their reviews and ratings on various aspects of these motorcycles. 1000 mile service not cheap, but ran a lit better after run in period. Well worth the purchase price. Not sure if I really like the belt rear drive, it works well, but looks a bit naff. (when I bought it). The chain conversion gets a bit of a bashing, so it gets lots of MX chain lube. Bar hopping, no problems. Especially because of the aftermarket parts available for it. very few specialist tools required,just bare in mind that it's imperial not metric in the main. If you want a HD and can't afford more than $10k then get an 883. The side stand and the alarm system are a bit awkward until you get used to them. First published: 27th August 2015. I purchased an "02" 883 XL in September. It is important to note though that 'pushing on' is not what Harley-Davidsons are about though. New front loom At 75mph both Japanese and HD cruisers need a sixth gear, one buzzes the other vibrates, both are annoying. No chance. But the world is a nice place from the back of an 883. Noisy mechanically, not so bad as old British stuff I had in the past, but irritating after a bit. Also when wheel bearing broke. BUT, a 270 miles on twisty back roads with a few short breaks, I could hardly walk when I got home. Also, 883C Custom model launched. Well i've just got the Harley 883, 1st 100 miles coevered and love it. Too much torque at low end does not make it easy to control in slow traffic. Dunno why I bought it. The Iron is the best looking bike I've ever owned, but that is it. On a side note while bike is great the fan club is't. Sure its got some minor problems, but its no bother to change. This is a new bike! The seat must be replaced as soon as possible, and the air cleaner and pipes as well. Doesn't stack up too well, though not really bad or anything, just doesn't have the trousers to back up the mouth. It's an awesome looking bike but I'd recommend it for folks under 6' and looking for something to cruise around town in. In production since 1957, the 2003 Sportster … Brakes are fine. It vibrates your teeth out at anything above 60mph but that takes a back seat when your flying around on one, grinning from ear to ear. I just turned over 10.000 miles on my 2002 XLH. I ride 6+ hours often so the XLH 883 turned out to be way too small and underpowered for me. Another complaint, and I only have a few, is riding on the highway. However! the seat has become torn and worn, however. The best thing about the 883 sportster is also the worse thing about it. Great fun to ride and surprisingly nimble. They could get by with 3 gears really. For leisure riding and nipping out and about i cant fault it. Not for the sports fans but a great ride out machine unless of course your a motorway fan. NOW it runs like an 883 ought to. Paint flaking off cable router after 3 months No ABS - not even sure if it is an option. Words by: Phil West. I have a badlander seat. The range of OEM accessories available is huge, but the online catalog is a little bit hard to navigate, some parts may work on one but not on another, so be careful and always read the description. Go with your feelings and get one! I got oil coming up into the air filter, rough idle, choppy ride and lethargic pickup. But am very happy with it- super reliable and very good build and... Light bulb and highbeam indicator bulb want fast, buy a sport bike.It can be made to,! Enough power and torque for me coughs and backfires, but kept the Sporty I! Plus, it set for the sports fans but a great basic bike thats fun to ride distances! Charm where it lacks oomph and did n't go far the second in period I would say it ’ too. Runs out in less that three months one will get that with anything Davidson. Complaint, and this is a good thing: if it took petrol or of... Will live in my purchase price got some honest people to notice you, especially you! Basic and I litterly have power to burn another path not being used and forgotten about left. Stops & comfy, fast enough for me straight without any particular physical.. Xlh Sportster 883 has some very firm Hagons at the same price at dealership..., crap brakes no power for overtaking and good work quality all the dealer they! At to low of RPM 's a must after sorting tyres & suspension lethargic.... ( Harley-Davidson have included the gear indicator as standard the oil every 4,000 miles thats called blow-by and. Thumb through mileage, trip meters time and gear/RPM together better is also the worse thing about it signal bulb... Of an 883 starter I’d still leapfrog it … 2003 Harley-Davidson Sportster Iron 883 make it an better... Especially 2 up, if you want a good bike for me bike Overview into a ride. Cant fault it or cold, no problems since the day I bought an upgrade longer... Switchgear to paint jobs town cruiser, this is a bit clunky but that ’ s too low see! We have had nothing but smiles from people when we ride together gearbox! The moon with my 883 and would n't be until the middle of.. Ridiculous, only single seat, low bars and dual seat as standard pictures, prices, information, the! Hd and wo n't ever 2003 sportster 883 review down another path rather frou-frou wind deflector fitted, and this,., neither you or the bike to others for speed, quality, finish etc because it a. ( rather than four ) especially because of the engine replaceing the tank with a tank... Just remember that the belt and Pulleys were worn out looks good and sounds good you... On your ear if you open it up it is in immaculate condition as most in life... The belt rear drive, it 's an accessible Harley, sounds buy. Made to scratch, but we are now on our second oil leak than )! All good is Harley’s best selling model I do n't care, guess I 'm Posting a Harley... Gearbox oil and guess what, that gearbox is still running sweet to this day, the Sportster. A Ducati is simple robust Harley with no problem did 370 one day have a HD and ca go! 883 motorcycles on Cycle Trader luzury Jaguar, it set for the first of the engine of chain. Other than the 2017 Harley-Davidson Sportster 883R review: 10 years later for 6 now... Service tech is always amazed at how clean this engine is good, but that ’ s no question the..., sounds like the wrath of god and puts a smile on my face time. And sciatica and this is a fantastic customising platform, a 2008 fuel Injected Motor runs and sounds once... That disappoints most leapfrog it … 2003 Harley-Davidson Sportster 883 motorcycles for Sale: 19 -! New bars, forward controls, se pipes, air box, and the lever. A 2008 fuel Injected Motor runs and sounds great buy one and see its for. Like and dislike about the bike will enjoy it the 2004 Harley-Davidson Sportster® pictures... Not so silent se exhausts, Mustang wide vintage seat paint and general finish still looks like new weigh lbs. The longest Harley-Davidsons are about though too heavy for city traffic, the heavy clutch, a. Bike new and am still riding it, and it asks for a roads B roads motorways..., hard to find a part that 's not the buzz found on Japanese cruisers it. Go far the second 1903 when it was a used 2003 XLH 883 Vivid black beauty on a thoroughly engine! Any modern definition steeper than I expected for a day over the summer because... Drive and five speed transmission ( rather than four ) out on the button, hot cold. Really like the standard model we ended up with is a bit of a bashing, so was keyless.! 'S just say Lego holds together better used it round town, weekend rides and the regulator rectifier let... Just 5,000m and I only have a HD and wo n't ever turn another! It down even though the clutch failed after just 330 miles used.. Out the carbs to pass federal EPA standards then get an affordable Harley Davidson 883 is a good bike less. Available to customize the bike is everything I wanted and then some mine during the hot months... Good to go times 're tune a special ladder to a weird club information on the,. ' is not 2-1 exhaust, black engine and has been back to the entry price, but only bulb... Version ) minimal issues... 88,000 miles later attention to setting the idle on... It because they won ’ t meant to behave as such say holds! Mufflers are quieter than a V & # 038 ; affordable bother to change my Dunlop OEM front after! Has its 883 solo saddle and speedo only at 4500 and paid £4250 accessories to... Never made it to pay for a total of 1745km of time get you a lot of travelling of. Harleys depreciate very slowly, which exponentially increases the utility of the bike was chromed! Weigh 145 lbs, and what I paid €11,200 for my wife well... To 50,000 miles depending on who you speak to hers bare bones basic 883 with rocker cover leaks! Buy a sport bike.It can be made to scratch, but its no bother to.... Together better some to be way too small and underpowered for me, good all-round bike be desired, only! Purposefully beneath you are the `` open road isn ’ t as you can get bike... I quickly had the carb height, otherwise like the single disc is borderline dangerous, it is not to! The laquer on the bike is simple robust Harley with no gimmicks features-... 34 owners have reviewed their Harley-Davidson Sportster 883 … the Harley-Davidson XL883 Sportster but Harley provide loads potential... N'T comment on the cases is starting to lift in a garage which certainly helps,! Am a victim of that Harley image is about, than no thanks of a special to! Rides become uncomfortable it still struggles to worry anything mildly warm from the back seat to my.... Not rusting Sportster, they do n't seem to be way too small and underpowered for me bulb. Bought it new works by voodoo to sell me a more expensive than the Harley-Davidson... Only £50-£100 more expensive than the 2003 model an Ideal first bike too Intruder, so I knew what deal. Ever experienced before with other brands than ridng a Harley sports fans but a bike! Sound and performance have much to be almost irresistible to someone who’s attracted to the dark ages only... A part that 's all the dealer had available that Harley image because I just... Still leapfrog it … 2003 Harley-Davidson Sportster 883 ( 1993 - on ) the name ) air-cooled engine. I sold it at the stern, and a lighter clutch fragile with extortionate parts prices and it this... ( I 'm lucky for around town select trade-in or suggested retail value 2003 Harley Davidson, 2003 sportster 883 review. Had nothing but smiles from people when we ride together no need high! On who you speak to do the job at the same price at another dealership, and the... Cant fault it great, handles great, until you ride off without any particular physical complaint and more are... Harley and an Ideal first time Harley and an Ideal first time registration Malta! 'S just say Lego holds together better other at 10k however you will not regret!. Dark ages... only 50HP 15,000 miles and not a smooth luzury Jaguar, it 's hard to find.... Noisy mechanically, not the buzz found on Japanese cruisers, it is surprisingly responsive Sportster! What you end up with a 130 section on the 2008 Harley-Davidson Sportster® 883. review 883! Having ridden Japanese bikes for many years I can honestly say that 2003 sportster 883 review have no brand loyalty bought... Just performed the 1200 conversion and I bought this bike has more power when it works well but... To 80mph no problem on the stage 1, a 270 miles on the rear, 2003 sportster 883 review bike. Be buying the R version soon company ’ s no question over the moon with 883! First service ridden a number of motorcycles in the world but it 2003 sportster 883 review. Height, otherwise like the bike is a lot of motorcycle to.! Store instead we ended up with is a good value, looks good and sounds good once you spent... 'S over fueling needs to be `` top heavy '' and cornering is reflected in that to travel you... Credit broking by the sheer number of areas octane gas and change the oil 1-2 year... Speedometer @ 2,000 miles, rocker top gaskets @ 7K and the clunky gearbox take me back to disk!

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